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Transforming Prachatham's Website into a Non-Profit Hub

In this transformative project, I played a pivotal role in assisting Prachatham in the evolution of their website from a news organization platform to a dynamic non-profit organization hub.

the main challenge for the old version of the website is that it ran on old version of Drupal 3.10 which have been discontinue, therefore the foundation need to update the Drupal. While also want to add new functions to the website to display various doucuments. 

I have updated the Drupal from 3.10 to 4.33, which newer CMS system. While also installed new page builder including Helix Ultimate 2.0 to create new UI and able to implement new display function including map visualization.

New UI for the website which more suitable to display geo-location data for each documents.


Liquid Themes

White home

Highlighted Improved Features

Map visualization were implemented to display various document

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