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the Communication Designer Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hi, I’m Visarut. I created

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Photography for story the Mekong’s Dam effect on fisheries.

YOLO | how a group of children help community safer?

Home Become Home | How CBCPM help create a safer community for migrant children?

Breaking the Cycle | How left over children help break the unsafe migration

Being Both Side | how does education help me live between borders?

New website for Prachatham

Video campaign to promote sex workers demand during the pandemic.

Photography to show Isan people role in Chinese opera.

Short movie to promote indigenous role in climate change.

Campaign for clean air using photo filter.

Photography to show what to do in Chiang Mai.

Photography to show a local political rally in Khon Kaen.

Photography to illustrate elephants industry in Laos.

Photo essay on potash mining in northeast’s Thailand.

Photography to illustrate the effect of a dam collapse.

Photo essay to illustrate the special economic zone in Myanmar’s Dawei.

Photography to illustrate migrants and border crossing.

Facebook post to promote seminar on migrant worker during covid-19.

Photo essay to show migrants lives in Bangkok.

On-site Photo Exhibition to show LPN’s Project during the Pandemic.

Aerial videography to illustrate how indigenous living in forrest in Thailand.

Photo essay to show international banana industry in Laos.

Video to show a Chiang Mai’s tree doctor.

Website admin for alternative news organization.

Photography to show cricket business in Chiang Mai.

Photo essay to illustrate corn industry in Myanmar’s Shan state.

Photo essay to show a political rally in northeast Thailand.

Video to show a Chiang Mai’s art activist.

Photography to illustrate migrant lives in fishing industry.

Video campaign to promote migrant worker as a mother during the pandemic.

— I’ve worked with NGOs and medias outlets:
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